10 May 2017

Grassmarket Vintage Weekend

At the end of last month I went to the vintage weekend which was held in the Grassmarket in Edinburgh. I had enjoyed it last year, and looked forward to more of the same.

I made sure to arrive in time for the fashion show. I knew from last year that the models tended to be local bloggers, so I kept an eye out for any familiar faces, and spotted Emily of Frankly Ms Shankly. Luckily there was a chance for the models to mingle with the crowd (and photographers) afterwards, so I was able to introduce myself to Emily who I’ve followed on Instagram for ages!
I wanted to dress in a bit of a retro style, but in something that would be comfortable for walking around all day. So I went for an 80s look with my pastel pink strawberry jumper, dungarees, pink socks with pineapples on them, pale pink trainers, and watermelon earrings. Unfortunately it was cold so I had to throw a tweedy coat on top which matched colour-wise but wasn’t exactly 80s!

It’s also great to be able to browse the stalls at the vintage weekend. There’s a particular stall I always love because it has a 50p table! And immediately I found a little bobble-headed vintage kokeshi there! 
On the same stall there was also a rummage table with pieces of jewellery for £1 each. There was a lot of tat there, but I did manage to unearth a few interesting pieces. The starfish brooch was being eyed up by someone else, but she went away and I grabbed it! The enamel was a bit chipped in places but I covered that up with nail polish. The brooch reminds me of a mosaic I saw in the Cinque Terre in Italy. I liked one pin that looked like a postage stamp, another that was a star with a spectrum of colours around it (probably a charity pin although I haven’t been able to find what charity), a flower brooch with coloured stones in it, and a cloisonné brooch that reminded me of the 1980s and which I thought would go well with some of my recent pin purchases.

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