22 October 2017

Sunday self-portraits: Bookworm

Having recently given my living room a makeover, it made the perfect setting for some book themed self-portraits! Although reading is one of my favourite activities, I had only ever taken a few book themed photos before!
I had recently bought a lovely edition of my namesake book, Emma, in some of my favourite colours, and I also wore the book themed pins from my pin collection (by Fable and Black and Hand Over Your Fairy Cakes).

19 October 2017

Old Bear

As I mentioned the other day when I showed you her retirement card, one of my colleagues, the school librarian, is retiring. I started picking up little bits and pieces for her retirement present over a period of months. Since we are both great charity shoppers, I knew she wouldn't mind if some of the items in her present had come from that source, and that's exactly where I got Old Bear.

Margaret is a great fan of the Old Bear book and tv series, so much so that she replaced the photo on her ID badge with Old Bear (and I'm not sure that anyone ever noticed!). So when I saw this wooden bear I just had to pick it up.
I scanned in my work ID badge and replaced the photo with Old Bear, then printed it out at a smaller size and covered it in clear sticky-backed plastic. I hung it around his neck with a red ribbon.

I also added a few other charity shop finds that alluded to her advancing age! The book The Seniors' Survival Guide was perfect, because much of it is about technology, and Margaret tends to be on the phone to us most days about problems with the printer (nicknamed Penelope) or computers! In fact, if the phone rings before 9am, we usually guess straight away that it is her! And since she has often admired my "Drink tea and read books" pin, but is more of a coffee drinker, I jumped at the chance to get her Fable and Black's "Drink coffee and read books" pin as soon as it became available (and a few other wee things from there too!).

17 October 2017

Retirement card

One of my closest work friends, the school's librarian, is retiring, and this is the card that I made for her. I used my standard retirement card design, the hammock, but with the addition of lots of books!

15 October 2017

Sunday self-portraits: Pop-art photo booth

A few years ago I came up with the idea of having photos taken in a photo booth once a year, and I tend to do this in about September or October. I'm trying to make the photos a bit different each year. The first year they were black and white, the second year they were taken with my mini-me Blythe doll at BlytheCon UK, and this year they are done in a pop-art Andy Warhol style!

12 October 2017

Recently thrifted

A community engagement day was recently held where I live, and there were lots of stalls by various organisations including the local charity shop. The event was held on a Saturday, a day on which the charity shop's lease prevents them selling goods, but, because they are a bit over-stocked at the moment, they were giving things away for free!

I came home with some bedding which has lovely trims on it, which will be useful for sewing dolls' clothes, a blue and white plate, a spotty mug (which is perfect for storing my new Copic Ciao markers), a striped shirt, and, best of all, a purple floral skirt that I think could be vintage!
I also got various other freebies from the other stalls, including a candle and some pens!

10 October 2017

Book plate

Two years ago I went on a group tour of Tuscany and the Italian Riviera, and met lots of lovely people, all from the United States, one of whom was Kate. She has just been on a similar tour of Scotland, and we met up in Edinburgh at the end of her tour.
I knew from her Facebook posts that Kate was a big lover of the art of Cicely Mary Barker, who created the Flower Fairies, but that she didn't own any of the books, so part of my gift to her was this book.

I created the book plate by cutting a piece of white card the same size as the pages, then wrote my message on it using calligraphy pens. It looked a little bit plain, so I added a border in a different colour, and some little details. I then used a little glue to stick the plate inside the book.

07 October 2017


I recently had a quick trip to Falkland on a sunny Saturday morning. I arrived a little early for the food market, so I had some time to take a few pictures.

05 October 2017

Painted stone

As part of the community event that went on at my local shopping centre recently, there was a stall where children could paint stones. I was taking some photos, and the artist who was running the stall asked if I would like to paint a stone myself - so of course I did!
I went for a very simple design, of my initial, a flower, and a bird. I used orange because it was the closest there was to yellow, and then I had a conversation with a young girl who said she was using orange for the very same reason!

03 October 2017

Glenwood Community Engagement Day

The part of town that I live in has high poverty rates, a shopping centre with many closed shops, and a library that closed earlier this year. But there is a project going on to try to improve the area, and this event a few weeks ago was part of it. There was free food, the charity shop was giving away excess stock, there were stalls by lots of local organisations, and it was just a really colourful, vibrant day - sadly not words that are often used about this community. 
It has left me feeling a bit more positive about how things will progress in this area. It was great to meet and chat with lots of people, and see so many smiling faces, and a great opportunity to get some photos of my local community.
I had a free roll on sliced sausage and onion, free cake, free tea (in a free mug), and came home with free clothes and fabric, a free plate, plenty of free pens and a free candle, and a painted stone that I'll share later in the week!
It just so happened that there were lots of people dressed in turquoise to perfectly match my blog's colour scheme!

And it was a great opportunity to get some photos of the murals and poetry stones!

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